A cross-sectional study on doctors prescribing patterns and antibiotic drug compliance of residents in Barangay Bayan Luma II, Imus City, Cavite, 2015

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Clinical Pharmacology


Anti-Bacterial Agents, Drug Prescriptions


The study aimed to determine one factor that significantly affect compliance of patients which is prescription pattern. This study surveyed the relationship between doctor's prescribing patterns and antibiotic compliance for 6 months from July 2015 to January 2016. The study population was composed of residents of Barangay Bayan Luma II, Imus City, Cavite who must have taken antibiotics in the past six months of currently taking antibiotics in the year 2015 regardless of presence or absence of chronic diseases or those diseases that required prolonged antibiotic treatment. They were given a fourteen-question self-administered questionnaire and this revealed that majority of the respondent's prescription, were graded as complete and that majority also of the respondents were compliant in taking their antibiotics. In conclusion, the study found that there was a significant relationship between the doctors' prescribing patterns and antibiotic drug compliance of patients' residing in Barangay Luma II, Imus City, Cavite, 2015. Patients who have complete prescription pattern were 2.08 times more likely to be compliant with their antibiotic medication. Having a complete prescription renders patients a good understanding of their medication and this ultimately leads to a successful antibiotic treatment.

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