Systematic review of Carrageean hydrogels: drug delivery system for controlled-release

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Clinical Pharmacology




The methodological and analytical approach of the researchers were based on the Preferred Reporting Items of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) Statement in order to assess the eligibility of chosen literature based on the aim of the study and the the chosen studies were selected through the used of databases and Boolean operators that fit the chosen criteria. Studies regarding the rate of absorption, the onset of action, duration of action and the Nano composites of carrageenan were gathered. Several studies have shown that the use of carrageenan increases the rate of absorption of the drug through excellent mechanical, swelling and absorption properties. Carrageenan can also increase the porosity of hydrogel which is directly proportional to the diffusion of drugs but up to a certain extent because very high porosity would not translate to higher drug release. Studies have stated that high pH of the media can lead to a higher release of drug content. A concentration of the carrageenan gels can also effect the sustained release increasing the encapsulation efficiency and may cause burst effect of the drug, which in turn is responsible for sustaining drug release in a prolonged period of time. Studies have also mentioned that carrageenan may enhance the bioavailability of the drug. Lastly, for the Nano composites, kappa-carrageenan can be used as an ideal drug delivery for controlled-release of drugs as it is considered thermoreversible and provides a more stable swelling behavior.

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Maria Luisa D. Delacruz, MD

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