Assessment of anti-hyperglycemic effect of water kefir as treatment solution versus metformin on alloxan-induced diabetic mus musculus

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Clinical Pharmacology


Alloxan, Mice, Metformin, Cultured Milk Products, Glycemic Control


In order to find and produce a good natural alternative treatment against diabetes mellitus, a randomized block design experimental study was conducted. The study qualified and quantified the potential anti-hyperglycemic efffect of water kefir treatment solutions against metformin in Alloxan-induced diabetic Mus musculus. The study involved induction of Alloxan with a dosage of 65 mg/Kg body weight into 75 adult female and male mice weighing from 35-50g. Baseline blood glucose levels were recorded after one (1) hour and values of more than 200 mg/mL were considered as diabetic. The mice were divided into five (5) treatment groups which functioned as the negative control, positive control, low-dose, medium-dose and high dose treatments of water kefir. Blood glucose levels from the treatment groups, as mean and percentage, from 0.5, 1, 2, and 3 hours were compared and statistically analyzed. It was determined that water kefir was able to lower the baseline blood glucose significantly in medium and high doses in 0.5, 1, 2, and 3 hours, subsequently low-dose Kefir treatment showed no significant anti-hyperglycemic effect. Metformin exhibited the highest percentage decrease of blood glucose level among the treatment groups reaching up to 54.52% after three (3) hours. Results between positive control, medium-dose and high-dose treatments have no significant differences over time. The researchers suggested an in-depth study on water kefir that is inclined on the substance that is responsible for the anti-hyperglycemic effect, the usage of a dose higher than 30% kefir-water dilution from 100g/1L of sugar-water preparation and to test other natural and economical anti-hyperglycemic drugs.

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