An acute toxicity study of the ethanol seed extract of nephelium lappaceum (rambutan) in mus musculus

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Clinical Pharmacology


Sapindaceae, Mice, Toxicity Tests


In this analytical experimental study, the extract of Nephelium lappaceum using 95% ethanol were tested on mus musculus to evaluate acute toxicity. A starting dose of 175 mg/kg bodyweight was used, utilizing the Up-and-Down Procedure (UPD), using a single ordered dose progression. The results showed that a single oral dose of rambutan seed extracts, at a maximum dose of 4000mg/kg bodyweight, was not lethal to mice. There was no significant changes in the weight of the mice. However, behavioral changes were noted such as hyperacidity, rapid movements, distressed, loss of appetite and increased fluid intake. In conclusion, Nephelium lappaceum seed extracts have a low toxicity profile with LD50 more than 4000 mg/kg bodyweight.

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