A study on the association between the level of knowledge of Filipinos on Oregano as an herbal medicine for cough and the prevalence of its use for pediatric patients

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Clinical Pharmacology


Oregano, Cough


This cross-sectional study looked into the level of knowledge regarding oregano as cough remedy and prevalence of the use of oregano for cough relief in pediatric patients by administering questionnaires to the caretakers of pediatric patients in the outpatient department of De La Salle University Medical Center. Purposive sampling was used in selection of the respondents. The research collected information regarding the respondents' primary reason for using the herb, their perception of its level of effectivity, their method of administration and the usual dose given. Furthermore, the study investigated the relative preference of the respondents for the use of oregano compared with the used of other herbal medicines and synthetic drugs for cough. The data obtained was analyzed with the use of statistical software by Pearson's partial correlation using R, with a confidence level of 95% to determine the level of association between the respondents' level of knowledge regarding oregano and the prevalence of their use of the herb. The correlation coefficient valued of p

First Advisor

Laura Maria Soledad A. Aguinaldo, MD, DPPS, DPSCOT

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