Antimicrobial effect of ethanol-based leaf extract of Saccharum spontaneum (Talahib) against bacillus subtilis : an experimental study

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Clinical Pharmacology


Plant Extracts, Saccharum, Bacillus subtilis


The objective of the study was to assess the potential of Saccharum spontaneum leaf extract as an antimicrobial agent against bacillus subtilis. An in-vivo study that involved treatment of bacillus subtilis with saccharum spontaneum ethanol-based leaf extrract via Kirby-Bauer Test and determination of MIC using eight (8) concentrations with two (2) replicates each. Antimicrobial property was determined by comparing antimicrobial index (AI) of test extract with chloramphenicol. All three (3) replicates for the Kirby-Bauer method showed a zone of inhibition of 18 mm and AI of 0.8 produced by the leaf extract. This suggested a positive antimicrobial effect against B. subtilis. MIC results showed resistance of the microorganisms to all concentrations of the extract. The results suggested that higher concentrations of the organism, as exhibited in the MIC preparations cannot be inhibited by Saccharum spontaneum ethanol leaf extract. A number of researches focus on the natural compounds found in plants and have yielded therapeutic alternatives due to their antimicrobial properties. Based on the study, it was concluded that Saccharum spontaneum leaf extract does have antimicrobial activity against Bacillus subtilis/mL and that resistance was observed for concentrations/mL.

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