Liu Shengnan

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Master of Arts in Nursing


therapeutic touch, Anxiety, abdominal operation


This study utilized quasi experimental design specifically the non-equivalent comparison group design or the pretest-post test comparison group design. Thirty (30) participants in this study were assigned as the comparison group wherein they were not applied the nurses' therapeutic touch. Thirty (3) participants in this study were assigned as the treatment group where they were applied the nurses' therapeutic touch. The participants of the study were composed of 60 patients must be 40-65 years old which were selected using the criteria set by the researcher. The study was conducted at the Taihe County Hospital of Chinese Medicine, Taihe, Anhui, China. It located in the northwest of Anhui Province. The hospital has now become a comprehensive Chinese medicine hospital in Anhui Province. The following research instruments were used in the study: the Participant's Data Sheet which was used to know the profile of the participants, the self-rating anxiety Scale (SAS) which was used to assess the level of anxiety. The participants were evaluated on each item using a four-point level, the higher the score, the higher the anxiety symptoms are. The study concluded that, 1) Majority of the participants are male, married, have no previous operation; 2) The participants in both the comparison and treatment groups had minimal to moderate anxiety before the implementation of nurses' therapeutic touch. However, the treatment group had normal level of anxiety as against the comparison group in which the level of anxiety remained the same level at minimal to moderate anxiety after the implementation of nurses' therapeutic touch; 3) Therapeutic touch as a behavioral nursing intervention is an effective method to decrease the level of anxiety of the adults who have undergone abdominal operation.

First Advisor

Naomi De Aro