Xin Zhang

Date of Completion


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Degree Name

Master of Arts in Nursing


Music Therapy, quality of sleep, sedative music, breast cancer patients


The study used the single case experiment design with time series analysis, which involves repeated measures, and manipulation of an independent variable. A modified-adopted and validated questionnaire on sleep was used. Purposive Sampling was utilized in the selection of the respondents. The respondents who qualified in the inclusion criteria are from Xiang Ya Hospital Central South University in China. Mean, standard deviation, visual analyze means, and two standard deviation band method were the statistical tests used in the study. Based on the findings generated in the study, the following conclusions were drawn: 1) Participants of the study are married, mainly aged from 29 to 39 and 51 to 61 years old, living with their husband, have children, with high school level or above education, are employed, and with different level of problems in quality of sleep; 2) The participants had moderate quality of sleep before the implementation of sedative music; 3) The participants had high quality of sleep after the application of sedative music; 4) There was a significant difference in the quality of sleep before and after sedative music; 5) Sedative music is an effective intervention in improving the quality of sleep among breast cancer patients.

First Advisor

Ma. Lovella M. Aure