Mulan Ni

Date of Completion


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Master of Arts in Nursing


intensive care units, terminally ill


This study utilized the phenomenological approach of qualitative research to explore the experiences of ICU nurses caring for patients at end of life. The research grand focus question was: "What are your experience of providing care to patients at end of life in ICU?" In the selection of participants, purposeful sampling and snowball sampling were used. The participants of the study are nurses who are currently working in the ICU and who have experienced caring for patients at the end of life in the hospital almost on a daily basis. All of them have been ICU nurses for more than one (1) year. Data and information were recorded during the interview using audio recorder. The researcher used the Mandarin language as the medium of communication. Data collection ended after the 10th interviewee when data saturation has been reached. After each data collection, transcriptions of interviews followed. In analyzing the data, Colaizzi's method was utilized. After extracting a total of 109 significant statements, the researchers used all the responses of the participants then extracted phrases or sentences that pertain or are related to the study. The researcher analyzed the meaning behind the statements and developed in-depth, more meaningful descriptions. The results were integrated into a detailed description of the phenomenon being studied and developed three (3) themes and five (5) sub themes.

First Advisor

Monina G. Dimas