Maoqi Tong

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Master of Arts in Nursing


health counseling, stress, caregivers


This study utilized the quasi-experimental design specifically the nonequivalent control group design or the pretest-posttest control design to determine the effects of health counseling on the level of stress among caregivers of patients with stroke. The participants were selected using the criteria set by the researcher. Purposive Sampling was utilized in the selection of the respondents. The study was conducted at Department of Neurology, Bozhou People's Hospital, Anhui province. The hospital is divided into two areas, Southern where the treatment group was assigned and Northern for the control group. The following research instruments were used in the study: the participant’s Data Sheet which was originally drafted by the researcher and The Zarit Burden Interview which was utilized to assess the level of stress among caregivers of patients with stroke. The main statistical tools utilized in this study were a) percentage and frequency distribution, b) mean, (c) standard deviation, (d) Exact (Fisher), (e) t-test for independent samples, and (f) paired t-test.Based on the findings of the study, the following conclusions were drawn:1) Majority of the participants are female, aged 41-60 years old, married, employed, they are the spouse of the patient, and the family monthly income (yuan) are between 1000 and 4999 yuan, their education level are primary school and middle school; 2) There were no significant differences between the treatment and comparison groups in terms of their age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, monthly family income, current work status, and relationship with patient; 3) The treatment and comparison groups had moderate to severe level of stress prior to the application of the health counseling intervention. After the health counseling, the treatment group had mild to moderate stress level while the comparison group maintained the moderate to severe stress level; 4) There was a significant reduction in the level of stress of the participants in the treatment group compared to the comparison group; 5) Health counseling is an effective intervention in reducing the level of stress of caregivers of stroke patients.

First Advisor

Noel P. Ligaya