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Research Project

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Grade 12


Crystal Violet, Fungi, Clotrimazole, Aspergillus, biofilm, pterocarpus, plant extract


Aspergillus niger is one of the various forms of aspergillus that contains mycotoxins, which can cause serious fungal infections and harm to people when ingested. It proliferates in tropical climates and infects fruits and crops. Present methods of preventing A. niger can either be expensive or dangerous. Researchers found an alternative way to prevent contamination using herbal and natural methods. Narra is proven to have various substances, that could potentially inhibit the growth of fungus; hence, Narra (Pterocarpus indicus) utilized. This study uses Narra leaves extract, commercial Clotrimazole as positive control with different concentration and one negative control which is 99% ethanol. The leaves were gathered within the De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute premises. This study utilized ethanol to obtain a crude extract from the leaves. The extract was then diluted to various concentrations to determine of there would be a statistically significant difference. The fungal sample was acquired from University of Santo Tomas and was sub cultured to a 96 well plate. Treatments were applied to the wells which were subjected to Crystal Violet Biofilm assay. The crystal violet stain was solubilized using a 30% acetic acid then the wells' absorbance were measured using a plate reader. Narra leaves extract was able to inhibit the biofilm formation of the A niger. The results shows that there is no significant difference between Narra and commercial azole (100% & 25%) in the inhibition of biofilm formation of Aspergillus niger and that it could be a possible herbal alternative.

First Advisor

Jose Isaak M. Calamlam