A microbioological study on the detection of bacteria before and after handwashing on the Palmar surface of the hands among Grades 1 and 2 pupils in Tierra Santa School Imus City, Cavite

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Grade 12


Hand Hygiene, Hand Disinfection, bacteria, Palmar surface, grade school student


Hand hygiene is any action of cleaning hands to reduce microroganisms. Global research shows that almost half of diarrheal diseases and 16% of respiratory infections are preventable by proper hand washing. A study showed that poor hand-hygiene has a high prevalence among students. The purpose of this study was to detect the presence of bacteria before and after hand washing in palmar surface of the hands among Grades 1 and 2 pupils in Tierra Sana Montesoori School. Forty (4) randomly selected students performed the traditional and medical handwashing. Swabbing method was done to take sample. Serial dilution was done to dilute the bacteria and Spread Plate method was performed. While Standard Plate Counter was used to count the CFU and the data was subjected to statistical analysis. Restuls showed taht there is a 25% decrease in the proportion of agar plates with CFU in traditional hand washing while, 22% decrease in medical hand washing. The data suggests that traditional handwashing can reduce more bacteria in our hands than in medical handwashing. There are several factors identified that may have affected the presence of bacteria. It was concluded that traditional handwashing is more effective compared to medical handwashing.

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Pauline L. Cueno

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