The influence of beauty filters to the body satisfaction of the De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences senior high school students

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Research Project

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Grade 12


beauty filter, cosmetic filter, body satisfaction, beauty ideals, bodily concerns, influence


Beauty filters are computerized photo-editing tools that could alter specific bodily characteristics by detecting them using artificial intelligence and computer vision. Achievable beauty ideals have become the standard for how young people perceive themselves and how much value they place on themselves, resulting in a dramatic increase in the number of cases involving body issues. These bodily concerns typically persist over time and have an effect on a person's body satisfaction (Martinez et al., 2019). This study examined the factors influencing DLSMHSI-SHS students' use of beauty filters, how the use of beauty filters could affect DLSMHSI-SHS students' body satisfaction, and why DLSMHSI-SHS students view the use of beauty filters as a factor in their body satisfaction. The researchers used a qualitative method for the phenomenological approach in this study. The researchers then used interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) to systematize the data into patterns so that the study could concentrate on excessive conditions and how a person behaves or functions in relation to the use of cosmetic filters and body satisfaction. The interview format provided by the researchers was a semi-structured interview. Consequently, the researchers' conclusion could either support or contradict the studies that stated how participants perceive their body satisfaction and use of beauty filter experiences through a two-step interpretive procedure.

First Advisor

Krystal May T. Sevilla

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