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Research Project

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Grade 12




The researchers wanted to understand Lasallian Pro-lifers' perspectives against abortion. They decided to perform this study because of its relevance to women's health, values, and morals in today's society. Understanding the viewpoints of Lasallian Health Allied Professional Pro-Lifers from DLSMSHI could clarify what it really meant to be a part of an organization that takes fulfillment in having reverence for life as one of its core values. In order to hear the participants' opinions and insights on the subject, the researchers conducted face-to-face and Zoom interviews with them. The results identified were categorized into themes, specifically religion, education, morality, birth control, and Lasallian core values. Moreover, these themes influenced the stance of the Lasallian Health Allied Professional Pro-Lifers from DLSMSHI towards abortion. The study also found that the majority of the respondents were influenced by their religion, principles, and the Lasallian Core Values, specifically the reverence for life.

First Advisor

Froilan A. Santillan