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Anti-thrombocytopenic, Rattus Novegicus, Carica Papaya, Platelet, Rattus Norvegicus, Thrombocytopenia, Plant Extract


This study is about the Anti-Thrombocytopenic Property of Carica Papaya Fruit and Leaf Extract on Aspirin Induced Male Rattus Novergicus Albino Rats. Carica Papaya has a potent healing agent for thrombocytopenia, a condition wherein an individual has a low blood platelet count. It is believed that Carica Papaya prevents or lessen the abnormally low amount of platelet production in the blood, specifically on people diagnosed with the dengue disease. The researchers utilized fifteen (15) male Rattus Novergicus Albino Rats that is fed with pellet diet and water ad libitum, The fifteen (15) test subjects comprising of aspirin-induced thrombocytopenic albino rats are separated into three (3) blocks, each containing five (5) Aspirin Induced Male Rattus Novergicus Albino Rats according to different treatments namely: One (1) control group, two (2) treatment groups for fruit extract, and two (2) treatment groups for leaf extract. Applying randomized complete block design, the subjects, belonging to different groups, shall be assigned to one of the three (3) blocks of the design randomly and individually. Data was obtained through different parameters such as Complete Blood Count (CBC) with platelet, and clotting time of Aspirin-Induced male Rattus Novergicus Albino Rats for the acquisition on the significant difference on the increase in platelet count between fruit and leaf extract. The final results were obtained by determining and comparing the means of the platelet count and clotting time before and after the administration of Aspirin, and after the administration of each extract. In conclusion, the results from this study show that Carica Papaya fruit extract yielded the higher significant mean difference compared to leaf extract. However, it is also concluded that there is no significant difference on the anti-thrombocytopenic effect of Carica Papaya fruit and leaf extract.

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Myra Michelle M. Mojica