A qualitative study on the protective factors of former users of vaping and alcohol use among medical students in Dasmariñas, Cavite

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Vaping, Alcohol


The consumption of vape started to take the youth by storm, especially with it being claimed to be safer than actual cigarettes. Contrarily, alcohol has existed since the early 19th century and is still freely accessible. Both vices have been adopted by people as a means of escape or a sense of familiarity over time. That is why in this qualitative study, the researchers aimed to determine the different protective factors used by former users of vape and alcohol. Through thematic analysis, the researchers connected the data gathered with the Health Belief Model (HBM). And to accomplish this, the researchers used an in-depth interview with an adapted questionnaire from a study conducted by Champion, & Skinner (2008). The findings revealed that the five different health beliefs under the HBM are crucial to the protective factors of the respondents: Perceived Susceptibility, Perceived Severity, Perceived Benefits, Perceived Barriers, and Cues to Action. Furthermore, the respondents' awareness on the potential harms and repercussions associated with the usage of vices influenced their vaping and drinking cessation. Finally, it is recommended that future researchers expand their sample size and acquire a larger range of participants to obtain more precise and trustworthy data regarding the protective factors of alcohol use and vaping.

First Advisor

Joan Saramines

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