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Research Project

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Grade 12


academic performance, study habits, six domains, senior high school students


The restriction in face-to-face learning prompted more teacherstudent approaches, and students developed different study habits that influenced their academic performance. The study's objective is to assess the relationship between DLSMHSI-SHSSHS students' study habits and academic performance, obtaining 300 responses from the population and utilizing a 76-item survey questionnaire employing the simple random sampling technique and Cochran's formula. An approach selected for the investigation was descriptive correlational research design. The data were examined with inferential and descriptive statistics and validated using Cronbach's alpha. Furthermore, the Goal Orientation Theory, Future Time Perspective Theory, and Self-determination Theory were utilized to examine the participants' responses. The research questions were answered through an analysis using frequency distribution tables, percentages, means, and standard deviation. However, the six domains' results—location, time and duration, method, management and procrastination, concentration and memory, and test anxiety- are not statistically significant as the associated probability exceeded the 0.05 alpha significance level. Consequently, there appears to be no significant relationship between senior high school students' study habits and academic performance in all domains, indicating that the null hypothesis has not been refuted.

First Advisor

Marc Jeffrey P. Sioco