An analysis of the preference of ebooks and printed books in the academic assessment of the DLSMHSI-SHSSHS students

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Qualitative Research, Printed books, eBooks, Senior High School, academics, study habits


This research primarily investigated the analysis of preference of printedbooksand eBooks in the Special Health Sciences Senior High School department of DLSMHSI. This study may affect their reading and study habits, basedonwhichmedium they may decide to utilize in their academics. Ten Grade 12studentswere randomly selected (one student per section) to answer the questionnairewhich caters to find out their preferred medium in terms of the convenienceandeffectiveness of printed books and eBooks in studying. Participants answeredina free-form style, in which they answered in bulleted or sentence formwiththeirpreferred language (e.g. English, Filipino or Taglish). The study describedhowstudents perceive printed books and eBooks with different categories. Withthepandemic almost gone, and students now back to school, the researchersdetermined if students prefer the traditional way of reading and studying, or thedigital way, which is through downloading and reading it on an iPador tablet. Here, the researchers showed the narrowed down categories to determinewhat students prefer. The study showed that the students had mixed opinionsonwhether they are using printed books and eBooks. This study suggeststhistofuture researchers to use as a reference point and expand on it further.

First Advisor

Don Anthony Tayco

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