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Research Project

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Grade 12


Financial Literacy, Financial Attitude, Financial Behavior, Financial Knowledge, Health-Allied Senior High School


This study was prompted by the knowledge gap of why schools in the health allied field do not include financial education as part of their curriculum when it is an essential life skill for an individual with long-term benefits. Therefore in this study, the researchers assessed the level of financial literacy of Grade 11-12 DLSMHSI SHSSHS students in terms of three domains: financial attitude, financial behavior, and financial knowledge, and if there would be a significant difference in these dimensions when grouped according to age and sex. A total of 285 respondents were considered in the study to commit at most a 5% margin of error. As quantitative research, this study used the College Student Financial Literacy Survey (CSFLS) made by Bryce Jorgensen and modified it to fit the knowledge of Senior High School students. Results showed that the respondents have a “positive” financial attitude, a “neutral'' financial behavior, and a "low" financial knowledge. When grouped according to age, results showed that there was a significant difference in terms of financial behavior; however, when grouped according to sex, results showed that there was no significant difference in any of the domains. The findings suggest that while student profiles may not influence financial attitude and behavior, financial knowledge may have been.

First Advisor

Marc Jeffrey P. Sioco