Are you hangry?: A correlational analysis of academic stress and percieved eating habits of selected senior high students from private institutions within Dasmariñas, Cavite

Date of Completion


Document Type

Research Project

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Grade 12


academic stress, eating habits, healthy, unhealthy, academic pressure


Academic stress has been frequently observed among senior high school students, and this study intends to look into the students' healthy and unhealthy eating patterns as well as confirm or refute whether academic stress and food intake are correlated. The intention of this research work seeks to bring attention to the factors that influence senior high school students' dietary preferences and to distinguish the essence of their underlying alterations when academic stress is present. The outcomes of this study were compiled by the distribution of three separate questionnaires to obtain quantitative data and open-ended questions to acquire qualitative data. Despite the consensus, the study's findings suggested that academic stress does not influence students' eating habits. In fact, one participant commented that academic pressure, rather than academic stress, appears to be the primary factor influencing their eating behavior.

First Advisor

Fredyrose Ivan Pinar

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