Awareness level of private and public senior high school students in Dasmariñas City, Cavite concerning the disciplinary actions on bullying

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Anti-Bullying, Bullying, Disciplinary Actions, Republic Act No. 10627


Bullying has been a long-standing issue in the Philippines, even as the world's population and economy grow. Due to their fear of being bullied, approximately 160,000 students have opted to homeschool instead of attending a traditional school. The research study aims to determine the level of awareness of two groups, namely the Senior High School (SHS) students from public and private schools in terms of knowledge, process, and effectiveness and their significant difference on level of awareness. The researchers used the Cochran’s Statistical Method to assess whether the significant differences in the proportions or frequencies among those categories. The public senior high school students showed more overall awareness as evidenced by the summation of the mean scores. The private and public senior high schools showed no significant difference in each domain resulting to an overall result of 0.295 of calculated probability rejecting and indicating no significant difference. Research suggests that further studies and the government may be able to promote the Anti-Bullying Act more engagingly, and where it is best accessible for students to learn about.

First Advisor

Irma M. Penalba

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