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Research Project

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Grade 12


introvert, introversion, preparedness, willingness, face-to-face classes


Introversion as a personality among individuals could be one of the possible factors that would contribute to affecting various aspects of a person’s life which could potentially interfere with the daily activities, such as work or school of an individual which could have impacts towards one’s level of preparedness and willingness towards certain circumstances. This study aims to determine the level of preparedness and willingness of introverted senior high school students in DLSMHSI. The study was conducted online using a survey questionnaire which asked the participants of the study regarding their views concerning various aspects that occurs during face-to-face classes which helped the researchers to analyze the data from the introvert participants. The conduct of the study’s data gathering needed at least 260 participants and from the sample, there were recorded to be around 191 (71.3%) of the introverted student participants and the remaining were extroverts and ambiverts. The results section was composed of two (2) parts that were based on the study’s SOPs: The Level of Preparedness and The Level of Willingness of the target participants of the study. The results from the Level of Preparedness of the participants concluded with an Overall Mean of M = 3.48 and an SD = 0.990 resulting to a moderate level of preparedness. As for the Level of Willingness, it resulted with an Overall Mean of M = 3.75 and an SD of 0.968 and was interpreted as a high level of willingness of the participants to attend the recurring face-to-face classes.

First Advisor

Jessica A. Candelaria