Belongingness as a mediator between spiritual well-being and psychological distress among college students amidst pandemic

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Belongingness, Spiritual Well-Being, Psychological Distress


Psychological distress has been surprisingly common among college students. May it be from personal circumstances to holding the responsibilities of being a college student in which distress arises. These students often long for something to withhold the said distress and feel connected to the people they deem most important in their lives. The need and want to belong among other people becomes evident as a form of assurance and inclusion is to be received. Considering the spiritual inclination and character of Filipinos, there seems to be a hindering connection between having spirituality and psychological distress with belongingness acting as a mediator.

This study was conducted to analyze how belongingness affects both the spiritual well-being and psychological distress of college students who are currently residing in the Cavite area during the pandemic. Whether the student feels included impacts the result of any of these outcomes. College students (N = 101) answered a survey on Belongingness, Spiritual Well-Being, and Psychological Distress that determined the relationship between the variables in which belongingness was reported to have no significant mediating effect among the other two variables and vice versa. Spiritual Well-Being and Psychological Distress having a weak negative result with each other automatically rules out the concept of having a relationship with one another; and even despite having weak positive results for the relationships between Belongingness and Spiritual Well-Being, and Belongingness and Psychological Distress, these notions were found to have no significance among the variables.

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Lord Joseas C. Conwi

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