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Research Project

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Grade 12


extracurricular activities, self-esteem, covid-19, new normal


This study focused on the relationship between self-esteem and the participation of students who joined extracurricular activities during the CoVID-19 pandemic and in the New Normal. Extracurricular activities have become a part of a students’ life becoming their avenue for validation, self- growth and development. As a result, for these reasons, their level of self- esteem is at risk. Moreover, this study mainly focuses on how extracurricular activities significantly affect in students’ self-esteem. This study utilized a descriptive correlational design by disseminating of google forms with a validated questionnaire. The researchers used the Uncontrolled Quota sampling method to gather 157 students of DLSMHSI that participated during CoVID-19 and in the new normal. The collected data were then measured using Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient to analyze its connection further. It was determined that there is a significant and positive relationship between participating in extra- curricular activities and students’ self-esteem. Students who engaged stated its benefits such as better decision-making skills, increased self- awareness, and a fulfilling journey, and a confidence booster. All of these show that despite the challenges faced, it helped students build resilience.

First Advisor

Shaiyne C. Deque