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Research Project

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Grade 12




Among tuberculosis patients, medication adherence has been one of the hurdles in managing the disease. The patient’s medication adherence is mediated by their medication literacy that is influenced by socio-demographic factors. Thus, the present study assessed the association of demographic profiles; age, income level, and educational attainment of adult tuberculosis patients in Ormoc, Leyte with their medication adherence mediated by their medication literacy. A comparative-correlational study was conducted among adult tuberculosis patients, through administering a quantitative survey of adapted and self-created questions, to determine whether there is a significant difference between medication literacy and medication adherence when results are grouped according to the participant's demographic profile.

Among 153 tuberculosis patients, significant differences are found among groups in each demographic profile. The results of the study implied a strong relationship between medication literacy and medication adherence with p-value ranging from <.001 to .043, expressing the significant differences between the variables. Though several similarities are observed, notable significant disparities are present between groups in each demographic. This addresses distinction of health and life patterns between groups, proposing the need for a multi-faceted action amongst different demographic groups. Moreover, respondents with satisfactory levels of medication adherence, exhibit satisfactory levels of medication literacy, and present a significant relationship.

First Advisor

Carmelette C. Davila