Growing up as an only child vs growing up with siblings; a psychological analysis among Grade 12 De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute senior high students

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Research Project

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Grade 12


only children, siblings, psychological analysis, grade 12 students, De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute, personality traits, academic performance, support, companionship, parenting styles, family dynamics, loneliness, long-term effects, adult roles, birth order, socioeconomic status, career outcomes, marital relationships, parenting styles


This research paper explores the psychological differences between individuals who grew up as only children versus those who grew up with siblings. Focusing on Grade 12 students from De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute Senior High School, the study examines personality traits, academic performance, support and companionship, parenting styles, family dynamics, and feelings of loneliness. Results indicate that most participants displayed introverted personalities, regardless of sibling status, and academic performance did not differ significantly between the two groups. However, those with siblings reported a stronger sense of support and companionship. Participants without siblings experienced feelings of loneliness, while those with siblings desired the companionship they believed siblings would provide. These findings recommend further research on the long-term effects of sibling presence beyond adolescence, including examining adult roles, birth order effects, socioeconomic status, and career outcomes. Additionally, exploring the impact of sibling interaction on marital relationships and parenting styles is suggested.

First Advisor

Menard C. Majaba

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