Influence of personality traits and learning styles to learning experience of generation z students

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Generation Z, Personality Traits, Learning Style, Learning Experience


The study examines the implication of personality traits and learning styles to the learning experiences of Generation Z students. It is believed that the Five Factor Model, also known as the “Big Five Personality Traits,” is capable of predicting a student’s learning practices and behaviors, although these learning approaches cannot determine a student’s personality and may be observed in the methods utilized by the students to analyze and retain information. Using a quantitative cross-sectional design, the researchers were able to obtain 153 participants among the ages of 16–21 using 3 types of questionnaires. As such, the results showed that (1) the Openness to Experience trait has the highest frequency, which indicates that the respondents are inquisitive, creative, and unconventional; (2) Kinesthetic was chosen as the most preferred learning style wherein it includes active and hands-on learning; and (3) the overall mean in Table 3 demonstrates the students experience a high level of learning experience, which implies that the students were able to continue their education, despite the COVID-19 pandemic causing a transition to a new normal. Overall, the results revealed that there is no significant relationship between personality traits and learning style to learning experiences of Generation Z.

First Advisor

Lord Joseas C. Conwi

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