Introversion and extroversion personality types on the academic performance of SHSSHS students: a qualitative study

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Academic Performance, Introversion, Extroversion, Hybrid Learning


Academic performance, often regarded as a measure of a student's success in their academic pursuits, can be influenced by various factors, including personality types such as introversion and extroversion. As such, this qualitative descriptive study aims to determine the effects of introversion and extroversion personality types on the academic performance of the Special Health Sciences Senior High School Students in a hybrid learning setup. Interview transcripts were tabulated and interpreted using thematic coding and themes. The study identified several prominent themes: the participant changed, improved, worsened, and did not change. It is recommended that pedagogical teaching and learning strategies for each personality type be implemented in discussions and assessments. For future researchers, it is recommended to utilize standardized tests and include the ambivert personality type.

First Advisor

Irma M. Penalba

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