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Research Project

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Grade 12


low stress, Occupational Stress, high stress, work-related stress, Body Mass Index, BMI


Stress within the workplace is a common occurrence in the daily lives of labourers. Although stress may be a positive factor in enforcing a person to work at a more productive rate, too much of it may cause adverse effects on factors such as work manageability, workloads or deadlines, work - life balance, team coordination, mental health, and lastly body composition. This study was undertaken to correlate the work - related stress to Body Mass Index of the working individuals in Cavite City and Dasmarinas, Cavite. 120 participants were taken for the study, 60 from each city. The participants were given a series of questions that relates to the different categories of work-related stress, and another set for classifying whether they are to fall under high or low stress. The results shown after statistical calculations showed the acceptance of the null hypothesis, meaning there is no significant difference between high and low stress occupations in terms of the considered factors. After which work-related stress and BMI was checked for any significant relationship, which led to there being an acceptance of the null hypothesis, which meant that there was no significant relationship.

First Advisor

Jose Isaak M. Calamlam