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Research Project

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Grade 12


Tiktok, Social Media


This study explored the impact of TikTok, a rapidly growing social media platform, on the attention span of DLSMHSI Senior High School students. Through a phenomenological approach, in-depth interviews were conducted with student users to understand their experiences and perceptions regarding the effects of TikTok on attention. The findings highlight the intricate relationship between TikTok use and attention. Participants reported disruptions in their attention span, including distractions, difficulties in maintaining focus, and procrastination due to prolonged engagement with the platform. The captivating content and algorithm-driven recommendations were identified as contributing factors to these challenges. However, TikTok also served as a source of recreation and sanity maintenance for users, providing stress relief, creativity, and inspiration.

The study emphasized the individual variations on how students perceived TikTok and its impact on attention span. Personal characteristics, task demands, and media usage patterns played a role in shaping the subjective experience of TikTok use. Overall, this research provided valuable insights into the multifaceted effects of TikTok on the attention span of adolescents.

First Advisor

Krystal May T. Sevilla