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Research Project

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Grade 12




The older population, specifically the elderly, are more susceptible to COVID-19 and its adverse effects, therefore boosters and vaccines are needed so as to prevent the said effects. As protection from COVID-19 vaccines become less effective over time, there is a need to administer additional booster shots to strengthen its effects. However, there comes the prevalence of ‘hesitancy’ in taking the booster shots among senior citizens. Accordingly, the study determined the different factors and how it became determinants toward the decision-making process of senior citizens in Barangay Burol 1, Dasmarinas City to take booster shots. A qualitative narrative study was conducted among senior citizens aged 60 and above who currently reside in Barangay Burol 1, through the utilization of semi-structured one-on-one interviews, accompanied by self-made questionnaires. The data collected were then patterned, divided into themes, and interpreted with the use of thematic analysis. The research findings from Tables 1 and 2 highlight key factors influencing hesitancy towards COVID-19 booster shots, including beliefs, influences, and perceived risks. Subsequently, the mentioned prevalent factors that significantly affect the decision-making processes of senior citizens to take booster shots further suggest and implicate the need for interventions to be done by public health authorities to address these concerns, promote vaccine acceptance, and improve public health outcomes through effective communication and tailored strategies.

First Advisor

James Arvin D. Rozul