The mediating role of self-esteem on body dissatisfaction and quality of life of middle-to late-aged female adolescents

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Research Project

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Grade 12


self-esteem, body dissatisfaction, body satisfaction, quality of life, female adolescents


Self-esteem is the overall perception of value and worth of an individual to himself in any form of status which has long been associated with body image (Rai et al., 2020). The aim of our study is to delve into the reciprocating impact of self- esteem towards body dissatisfaction and quality of life among middle-to late-aged female adolescents either in private or public schools within the Philippines. Other studies have inter-correlated Self-Esteem, Body Dissatisfaction, and Quality of Life with homeostatic imbalances which forms into a wider range of study in regards to the roles of the variables. In this study, the researchers hypothesized that Self- Esteem would be higher if Body Dissatisfaction is lower and Quality of Life is higher. Linear-scale models were used as the quantitative approach to measure correlation between the variables in female adolescents. However, the results seem to suggest that quality of life has no significant relationship with body dissatisfaction. In contrary to the researchers’ assumption, Self-Esteem on Body Dissatisfaction and Quality of Life does have strong correlation.

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Lord Joseas C. Conwi

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