The mediating role of spirituality on forgiveness and relationship satisfaction of married individuals

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Spirituality, Forgiveness, Relationship Satisfaction, Married Individuals, Marital Satisfaction


Spirituality has a capacity to help individuals nurture a profound sense of fulfillment and dealing with such issues about life. In this study, it was also assessed as an integral part in someone’s perception of forgiveness and its crucial role in intimate relationship satisfaction. Thus, the present study also aims to find the underlying principles within a married Filipino individual that can affect the mending of their relationship and fulfill the stability of their marriage. A quantitative predictive cross-sectional research design was used to observe relevant information among 204 participants, alongside with the utilization of Cochran formula as the sampling technique in this study. Moreover, the participants must also fall under the following criteria upon complying to the 10 to 15-minute survey forms that was disseminated through online platforms: (a) wedded for 10 to 20 years; (b) have a low to high belief in spirituality; (c) being of any gender; and (d) being of any religious belief. Furthermore, findings revealed that there is a significant relationship between forgiveness and spirituality, implying that married individuals with high spirituality are more likely to forgive their partners. Additionally, there is no correlation between forgiveness and relationship satisfaction, suggesting that forgiveness does not have a direct impact on a relationship. On spirituality and relationship satisfaction, there is a weak correlation which highlights an insignificant relationship between the two. All in all, spirituality has a significant relationship with forgiveness, yet it does not mediate a relationship between a married individual’s forgiveness and relationship satisfaction.

First Advisor

Lord Joseas C. Conwi

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