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Research Project

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Grade 12


online gaming, academic standing, perception, internet, students


This study aims to investigate the perception of students of De La SalleMedical and Health Science Institute – Special Health Sciences Senior HighSchool (DLSMHSI-SHSSHS) with different academic standing on onlinegaming. The advancement of technology comes the birth of internet usewhich results in the growing popularity of online gaming among students. Hence, it has become essential to understand their perception and to knowwhether there are differences on how students with different academicstanding perceive online gaming in line with academics. In order togaindeeper insights, experiences, perceptions, and culture towards onlinegaming, this study employed a descriptive approach with semi-structuredinterviews as well as Purposive Sampling with 16 participants. Upontheanalysis of data, researchers discovered themes about the participants’ perception on online gaming such as Distraction, Stress Reliever, OnlineGame Jargon, Socialization, Hobby, Improvement and Development of Cognitive Skills, and Time Management. The results of this study showthat students who are academic awardees perceive online gaming as a sourceof entertainment and distraction towards their academic responsibilities whilestudents who are non-academic awardees perceive online gaming as part of their social life.

First Advisor

Marc Jeffrey Sioco