White noise: its perceived awareness as an instrument for memory retention on Senior High School students of De La Salle Medical Health Sciences Institute

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Memory retention, awareness, white noise, recognition, senior high school students, educational interventions, educational campaigns


This research examines the perceived awareness of senior high school students at De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute (DLSMHSI) regarding white noise for memory retention. It utilized a cross-sectional design, collecting data via an online questionnaire from a sample of 20 senior high school students selected through stratified random sampling (n=265, Grades 11 and 12). Key findings show moderate awareness among respondents, with variations across different statements indicating limited understanding in some areas and general awareness of benefits in others. Further education is needed to enhance the student's awareness of how white noise can improve recognition in specific contexts. Implications emphasize the importance of educational interventions to enhance students' awareness and understanding of white noise as a memory retention tool. Educators and researchers can educate students about its benefits for effective utilization. Findings also highlight potential areas for further research, including exploring its effectiveness in educational settings and addressing gender disparities in research participation. In conclusion, this study highlights the moderate awareness among senior high school students regarding white noise benefits for memory retention. Addressing specific areas of limited awareness and conducting future research are recommended to develop educational campaigns and materials and explore white noise in diverse learning contexts. The study's significance lies in its potential impact on students, teachers, parents, and society, promoting improved memory retention and supporting academic performance.

First Advisor

Dennis Y. Perona

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