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Research Project

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Grade 12


Online Learning Modality


The sudden shift in the educational system, which has been regarded as a means to reduce human contact amid the occurrence of a contagious disease, has led to institutions embracing the new online learning methods. A variable that affects students' engagement, movement, and other capacities; nonetheless, this study focused on the perceived effects of the new learning modality on the De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute supervised-senior high school students' familial relationships. This phenomenological study employed an in-depth interview comprising semi-structured questions administered virtually to explore the perceived positive and negative consequences of online learning on selected Grades 11 and 12 supervised students' familial relationships. Further investigation into the topic revealed that respondents exhibited beneficial and detrimental effects brought on by the contributing elements of the modality. This study has shown favorable and adverse physical and psychological modifications to the students' behavioral approach as well as the overall effects of the modality on the physical and emotional relationships between family members of the students. As such, the study found the phenomenon of gist on the underlying outcomes of time management, changes in familial activities, social relationships, academic struggles, institutional involvement, health changes, and familial supervision, along with its underlying notions. In conclusion, this showed that the new teaching method has favorable and unfavorable effects on students' ability to form socialization and relationships with their families. Hence, future researchers must amend their studies to expand parameters and involve family members, the institution, and the government for overall improvement.

First Advisor

Joan Mariz D. Saramines