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Research Project

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Grade 12


water distillation, groundwater, treatment


In the Philippines, groundwater is commonly harvested from tube wells and deep wells for drinking. However, groundwater commonly harbors harmful pathogens which pose great health risks to its consumers; thus, treatment and purification are necessary. This study investigated the possibility of using solar water distillation as a means of treatment for groundwater. The main objectives of this research are: 1.To determine the effects of solar water purification to the microbiological qualities of groundwater, and 2. To determine if there is a significant difference in the microbiological content of the raw groundwater and the solar purified groundwater. To identify these, samples of groundwater were collected from different tube wells in Tanza, Cavite, wherein 5 raw groundwater samples were submitted for testing, and another 5 samples were purified through solar water purification before examination. The results showed that there is no difference in the total coliform, thermo tolerant coliform/E. coli, and heterotrophic plate count of the raw and purified groundwater. In the end, the purified water was not able to pass the mandatory drinking water guidelines set by the Philippines Department of Health, which means that the solar still constructed was not effective for purification.

First Advisor

Lenard Charles C. Monsada