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Research Project

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Grade 12


subtitles, caption, reading


As multimedia contents increase in quantity and quality, the use of captions or subtitles in videos is rapidly becoming mainstream. Though commonly seen in the entertainment industry, its potential as an instrument for education specifically in linguistics piqued the interests of many. This study aims to know whether subtitles have an effect on the reading speed of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute Special Health Sciences Senior High School students. Students were asked to complete an online survey form containing questions regarding their watching habits, together with the link for AceReader’s online speedreading test that will measure their reading speed in words per minute (wpm). Results showed that while student sub-watchers’ average wpm had a high significant difference with the global average wpm of senior high school students, the former had no significant difference when compared to the student non-sub watchers’ wpm. These results do not fully suggest that subtitles may be used for educational purposes such as enhancing reading speed; however, it is something up for consideration. Researchers suggest doing a pre-test and post-test to gain better and reliable results while being hands-on during the whole data gathering.

First Advisor

Lenard Charles C. Monsada