Date of Completion


Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Grade 12


asynchronous class, online learning, distance learning


This study aims determined the satisfaction levels and perception levels the asynchronous sessions of the Grade 12 learners in De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute – Specialized Health Sciences Senior High School. Previous studies have shown that students’ satisfaction is connected to other factors such as the perception towards asynchronous class, time allotted to it, and the learning materials used in this kind of learning. The study approached the research questions from a quantitative correlational research design with it formulating an adapted survey. Results from this study proved that the Grade 12 students’ satisfaction level has a direct relationship with perception and an inverse relationship towards the time consumed in asynchronous classes. Furthermore, this research suggests that some aspects of the said learning method such as assessments and teacher guidance should be better in order to have positive results from perception and satisfaction levels.

First Advisor

Lenard Charles C. Monsada