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Capstone Project

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Grade 12


online consultations, patients, awareness, virtual, technology


The growth of technology has been widely implemented to advance the services being provided to people. Its digital progress allows more efficient production of quality goods and services in the medical field. In this age of technological advancement, consultations can now provide cost-effective and time-saving services to patients virtually. As part of it, the purpose of this research was to determine the level of awareness in utilizing online consultations and to spread information to 50 participants residing in Imus, Cavite that there is a more convenient way of getting their health checked. The purpose of the study allowed the researchers to determine the factors why online consultations have a low engagement rate and how it can be increased. In addition, the researchers also examined what care specialty the respondents are under, to determine which specific groups had a greater impact in acquiring online consultations. Using a descriptive quantitative research approach, an online survey has been distributed consisting of an awareness questionnaire. The researchers used both snowball and convenience sampling in selecting their research respondents. Responses from 50 selected participants were used to determine the extent of their understanding as to how online consultations are being conducted on the whole. By the end of this study, it is found that 76% of

the respondents have not yet acquired online consultations. As a result, 4.9% of the respondents only knew of the existence of online consultations, but not how it is done virtually. Recommendations were drawn based on the findings, and these were mostly addressed to future researchers. The findings can also be used by physicians to better understand how they can get more clients to engage with online consultations, and ultimately improve their virtual service practices for it to grow and be able to expand its benefits.

First Advisor

Carmelette C. Davila