The role of social media platforms when called for donations and rescues during disasters and emergencies as perceived by residents of greater Manila area

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Social Media, Donations, Natural Disasters, Rescues, Emergencies


This study focused on the role of social media platforms in calling for donations and rescues during disasters and emergencies according to residents of the Greater Manila Area. The sample of the study is a total of 100 respondents, wherein 34 are males and 66 are females. To determine the effectiveness of social media, an online survey was distributed and the results showed that Facebook was the most utilized social media platform and scored the most influential ‘strongly agree’ in terms of reaching out to the public, spreading the post, and coordinating emergency rescues. Instagram received the only ‘strongly agree’ choice about soliciting donations since there are a lot of sponsored posts about donations and rescues on the said platform. It is highly suggested that if a person or organization aims to raise funds, Instagram is the ideal platform. Posting publication materials came in first for ways to educate the public on how to properly use Social Media when calling for donations and rescues while Encouraging their family, friends, or colleagues to share posts about calling for help got the highest votes when it comes to the ways to promote donations and answering rescues during disaster and emergencies in Social Media.

First Advisor

Rowell Maglalang

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