The perception of the selected Senior High School students of DLSMHSI on the use of face mask with face shield in preventing the spread of SARS-COV-2

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Research Project

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Grade 12


COVID-19 pandemic, preventive measures, protective equipment efficacy, allied health student perception


The COVID-19 pandemic forced several impositions such as undergoing quarantines, lockdowns, and the use of face masks and face shields in hopes to mitigate its transmission. However, the advantages of using a face mask and face shield might not outweigh the disadvantages it brings. Therefore, this study aimed to assess the perception of selected senior high school students of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute on the effectiveness of using a face mask with a face shield in preventing the transmission of coronavirus during the pandemic. The study used a descriptive research design that involved the collection of quantifiable data from online survey questionnaires. A total of 170 respondents were surveyed. It was inferred that the majority of the respondents believe that using both face masks and face shields can significantly help reduce coronavirus transmission. Though the respondents agreed with the adverse side effects and disadvantages of prolonged use of face masks and face shields, majority still recognized the benefits over the disadvantages of using them. Additionally, it is recommended to investigate the public's awareness about the effectiveness of wearing a face mask and face shield in a much wider scope so as to promote its use against communicable diseases similar to COVID-19.

First Advisor

Pancho E. Ercilla

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