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Research Project

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Grade 12


behavior, binge-watching, Netflix, Netflix effect, Senior High School students


Binge-watching has paved its way into the lives of many as it makes people watch several episodes in one sitting. Living in the digital age, watching TV series has been made easier by a number of streaming services, such as Netflix, which is one of the most efficient in catering to the needs of the people for entertainment due to its wide selection of series. Therefore, this study aimed to assess whether binge-watching has a negative or positive effect on the behavior of the DLSMHSI Senior High School students who binge-watches on a daily basis. This study utilized a mixed-method approach to analyze and interpret both the quantitative and qualitative data gathered from the survey and interview responses. Both methods were conducted online through Google Forms and video conference platforms, respectively. The results garnered from the survey showed that the overall impact of binge-watching on the behavior of DLSMHSI Senior High School students is interpreted as ‘Below Moderate’; while the responses from the interview mostly contributed to answering the factors that influence the students to binge-watch. The conclusion drawn was that the impacts of binge-watching on the behavior of DLSMHSI Senior High School students are not negative, nor are they at risk of developing binge-watching addiction. To have a better understanding about the “Netflix Effect” phenomenon, further research is recommended to know whether or not this can turn into an addictive behavior.

First Advisor

Pauline L. Cueno