The influences of joining school organizations toward the behavioral skills of Senior High School students of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute

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Research Project

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Grade 12


School Organization, Behavioral Skills, Interpersonal Competence, School-Life Balance Competence, Self-Management Competence, Task-Oriented Competence


Due to the rise of virtual education, face-to-face interactions have declined drastically. In light of that, extracurricular activities became critical in forging bonds between students, instructors, and administrators, and improving various skills. Hence, this study examined the influences of joining school organizations on the behavioral skills of DLSMHSI-SHSSHS students, particularly in terms of Interpersonal, Self-Management, Task-Oriented, and School-Life Balance Competencies. In this non-experimental study, the researchers utilized purposive and convenience sampling techniques and applied the raosoft sample size calculator to gather the final respondents. The influences that the respondents perceived ultimately unfolded interpretations as the researchers utilized a quantitative descriptive method. In conclusion, the majority come about to be positively influenced, with all competencies mentioned translating to an above-average ability in verbal interpretation. Specifically, the results denote a development in the following aspects: Balance between Professional and Personal Life, Communication, Self-improvement, Stress Management, and Time Management. Obtaining affirmative results amplifies the contribution of school organizations in improved behavioral skills. To improve the current research, the researchers suggested: Adjusting the number of participants and scope of the population, exploring other aspects aside from the four competencies in focus, conducting a before-and-after study, and employing a mixed method approach.

First Advisor

Rowell Maglalang

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