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Research Project

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Grade 12


social media fatigue, negative impact, factors, deterioration, gadgets, internet.


Social media fatigue is a rising topic amongst those affected in the pandemic, namely students and other essential workers required to login to work. This is where a select individual feels fatigued or exhausted by the repeating influx of news or overuse of gadgets and/or internet. This raises a problem wherein students have been negatively impacted by the fatigue, mostly towards school performance and their health, emotional and mental wise. This study examines the Senior High School students of DLSMHSI, as they continue pursuing their studies through online classes. An online survey through Google Forms was handed out as a survey to the different classes. The results gathered from the study was that most students experienced some form of fatigue, and how this made their performance in school differ from when the pandemic had first started, meaning that the stress of doing schoolwork from their gadgets or attending classes at a very early hour had changed the way they were able to work properly. The conclusion drawn from this research was that the fatigue not only was able to affect their grades, but also how they functioned at home, and how it was such a large factor of their deteriorating mental states.

First Advisor

Ramgie M. Bartolata