Date of Completion


Document Type

Research Project

Degree Name

Grade 12


Occurences, OCD symptoms, Covid-19 survivors, Mild cases, Moderate cases, PI-WSUR


The pandemic compromised individuals’ mental being, especially those who captured the virus. The untimely experience of Covid-19 survivors can induce mental stressors like anxiety which can precipitate ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder symptoms. The study aimed to profile the occurrence rate of OCD symptoms in mild and moderate cases of Covid19 survivors ages 18 to 40 years old in the province of Cavite. The Padua Inventory — Washington State University Revision (PI-WSUR) was adapted to determine the occurrence rate of OCD symptoms. The mean scores were used as a basis in understanding the occurrences of OCD symptoms, as well as the p-value to determine the difference between the occurrence rate values. The results showed that 38.8% of the mild respondents, and 51.6% of the moderate respondents were analogous, having several symptom occurrences, but not intrusive in nature. The study concludes that the occurrence rate of OCD symptoms is not significantly different between mild and moderate Covid-19 cases. The proponents recommend to conduct further investigation of existing mental illnesses, vaccination status, and other demographic data like the gender of the target audience, as it can affect the occurrence of OCD symptoms.

First Advisor

Pauline L. Cueno