Predisposing factors that influence the adherence to cigarettes or e-cigarettes use among selected health-related undergraduate students in Cavite

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Research Project

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Grade 12


predisposing factors, health-related undergraduates


Physiological, psychological, and sociological factors are the predisposing factors that influence the adherence of health-related undergraduates pertaining to the use of cigarettes or e-cigarettes. Previous research has shown the specific reasons on why people smoke. However, they have failed to uncover the general factors and determine why health-related undergraduates continue to smoke even if they know its potential adverse effects on their health as they are studying in the field of medicine. The study focuses on determining the three predisposing factors among selected health-related undergraduates. A descriptive survey research design is used. The participants in this study are one hundred Cavitebased health-related undergraduate students. The survey data were analyzed and processed using FDT, mean, and standard deviation. The data reveals that physiological, psychological, and sociological factors had a fairly influenced on the participants' adherence. Though the findings of the research are not distant from every component, the physiological factors were recognized as the greatest influencer among the factors.

First Advisor

Dennis Perona

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