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Document Type

Research Project

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Grade 12


covid-19, coping mechanism, mental health, social media


The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing social distancing and stay-athome orders instigated abrupt changes, leading to uncertainty, concern, stress, and well-being. A general increase in social media usage and increased consumption of specific online content may have been due to media use for coping strategies. This study aims to identify and determine the gaps and the level of likelihood and satisfaction using social media and its impact as a coping mechanism to DLSMHSI-SHSSHS Students’ mental health. The study is descriptive research that will apply the Quota sampling technique in order to obtain 256 respondents. The researchers distributed 59 self-made questionnaires among the targeted sample and were able to complete the desired responses. The study applied the Mood Management Theory proposed by Bryant and Zillman which this theory is the drive that people have because of the consumption of media content, this refers to the effect and impact of the usage of social media on a person's mental being. The findings of this study were able to prove how poor mental health can create an impact and help the Graded 11 and 12 students’ motivate them in finding ways to replace negative moods with positive feedback and this is where the SHSSHS students used social media applications as a social interaction place to relieve their stressful states to communicate and connect with other people during the pandemic as a coping mechanism.

First Advisor

Marc Jeffrey P. Sioco