Perception on the effectiveness of social media reviews and advertisements on the choice of branded and generic medicine among young professionals in selected cities of Cavite

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Social Media, Branded Medicine, Generic Medicine, Testimonials, Advertisements, Medicine Preference


The research paper studies the effectiveness of different parameters of social media in terms of young professionals' choice between branded and generic medicine. This study investigates which aspect of social media—comprehensiveness and sufficiency of information, credibility and reliability, advertising strategies, or testimonials—significantly contributes to the effectiveness of social media, given that it has been proved up to this moment that social media influences how consumers perceive brands. A contribution might be made to the body of knowledge that aims to evaluate information found in social media by determining how customers perceive social media influences their choice of medication. This would be advantageous not only to the producers of medicines but also to other developers and consumers. The One-way ANOVA test was used in this investigation to determine whether or not those mentioned above four(4) parameters exhibit statistically significant differences. Furthermore, the Tukey Post Hoc Analysis was used by the researchers to discover which characteristics impacted the customers' choice of medication and which had the least influence.

In this research, it was observed that the respondents agree that marketing, testimonials, and the comprehensiveness and sufficiency of information all impact their choice of medication. On the other hand, the respondents do not consider social media credible or reliable. Therefore, in order to establish a more comprehensive body of knowledge about the subject matter, it is recommended to investigate additional aspects of social media that are not limited to the four parameters examined in the research.

First Advisor

Dennis Perona

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