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Research Project

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Grade 12


student organizations, organizational participation, academic grit, performing organizations, non-performing organizations


Participating in extracurricular activities, particularly in student organizations, has always been an important part of many students' academic journey. This study was conducted to examine if there was a relationship between organizational participation and academic grit, as well as between the nature of organizations (performing and non-performing) and academic grit of senior high school students. The researchers employed a descriptive-correlational method to examine and analyze the phenomena under study in this research. The Grit Scale for Children and Adults (GSCA) by Sturman and ZappalaPiemme, which was adapted from the original Grit Scale (Grit-O) by Duckworth, Peterson, Matthews, and Kelly, was used to collect quantitative data through a structured online questionnaire. Purposive sampling, a nonprobability sampling method, was used to select participants for this study. The researchers originally targeted a sample size of 240, but due to time constraints the researchers were only able to gather 178 responses. The results of this study have found that there is a significant relationship between organizational participation and academic grit, with the result that students involved in organizations have a higher mean value of 43.28 and SD value of 6.981 when compared to students without organizations, who had a mean value of 40.7 and SD value of 6.30. However, there is no significant difference in the academic grit between students with performing and non-performing organizations. Future investigations should broaden the scope of current research to other SHS strands and should include grade school and junior high school to improve data generalizability.

First Advisor

Marc Jeffrey P. Sioco